The GNU Health Conference (GHCon) is an annual conference that brings together enthusiasts and developers of the Libre Health & Hospital Information System.

During the two-day conference, you’ll have the opportunity to attend different thematic sessions and free workshops, share experiences, learn about and discuss implementation cases and, of course, network with GNU Health community members from around the world!

Day 1 (Thursday): XIV International Workshop on eHealth in Emerging Economies (IWEEE). IWEEE is about Social Medicine and trying to improve the lives of the underpriviled, and the workshops will provide the opportunities for open discussions, networking, and sharing of experiences from different organizations around the World.

Day 2 (Friday): GNU Health. In the conference’s thematic talks, we’ll present and discuss, among other things, upcoming features, standards, security, mobile applications, and implementation cases. Afterwards, in the evening, we’ll announce and honor the winners of the GNU Health Social Medicine Awards.

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